King of the Hill

Capture and defend a central point in the arena to acquire the highest possible score. The team who controls the point for the allotted amount of time wins the game. Teamwork is the name of the game! 

Team Deathmatch

The goal is simple, tag or be tagged. Eliminate every member of the opposing team to be the winner.

Search and Destroy

In this game, one team is tasked with the planting and detonating of a briefcase bomb in one of the designated areas in the arena. The opposing team must prevent the briefcase bomb from detonating by defusing it. Once the bomb is successfully detonated or defused, roles are reversed and the game starts again.


One team is given the task to hide and defend two cubes in the arena. The opposing team must capture at least one of the cubes and make their way back to their home base. Strategy, skill and teamwork is important if you want to be the winner. This is a timed game so make haste.

Capture the Flag

Your objective is to be the first team to capture the opponents flags while keeping yours secure in your base. Strategy and communication is the key to victory. 


Our twist on the classic kids game of Cops and Robbers. 


The objective for this mission is for one team to successfully transport the payload from one end of the battlefield to the other. The opposing team must prevent this from happening. 


Each team chooses a medic. The medic can respawn anyone on his team. Choose wisely, because if the medic is eliminated so are the respawns. It is then up to the remaining teammates to win the battle.



Just like in Gym class. Eliminate one of your opponents, and one of your teammates gets to rejoin the game! Last team standing wins. No balls required.



It's the SWAT team versus the bad guys in this head to head match. The objective of the SWAT team is to eliminate the bad guys; they get unlimited respawns. The problem? The bad guys are fully loaded.

Total Domination

With twice the intensity of King of the Hill, Total Domination is all about teamwork and timing. Two domination cubes sit on the field, and it's your objective to control both!


Coming Soon!

New Missions coming soon! Stay tuned. Have an idea for a new mission? send us an email at respawnlasertag@gmail.com .

Game Schedule

Hardcore Wednesdays 

(120 Minute Session)

Open Play Thursday to Sunday 

(60 Minute Sessions)

Last Call Sessions Friday & Saturday

(120 Minute Session)

Wednesday-7:00pm to 9:00pm

Thursday-6:00pm to 9:30pm

Friday-6:00pm to 12:00am

Saturday-12:00pm to 12:00am

Sunday-1:00pm to 8:00pm

Regular Admission $20.00 Per Person

Group Rate $15.00 (10+ players)

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